Information for ABCinema users who have the DVD-version

Do you have the older ABCinema version on DVD? If so, you get a 50% discount when you upgrade to the new online version. On the order page you can enter your DVD registration code in the promotion code field. You can find this code in the DVD box. The discount will be calculated instantly.

1 System Requirements
Windows: 2000, XP, Vista.
Mac: OS 10.4 or higher.
Internet connection.
Optional. At least 4.2 GB of free space for copy to hard drive.
There are two ways to play the course. Directly from DVD (Fast Install) or from your hard drive (Fast Play).

2 Fast Install (Short Instalation Time)
Insert the disc into the DVD player.
Windows: starts automatically (if autorun is on). Else double click ABCinema.exe
Mac: double click
Enter requested email address and serial/registration number. This number is on the inside of the DVD-box.
This installation has the disadvantage that the large film excerpts from Chapters 10-12 start slowly.

3 Fast Play (Fast Startup Film Excerpts)
Insert the disc into the DVD player. Copy the contents to your hard drive (4.2 GB).
Windows: double click ABCinema.exe on your hard drive. See this manual
Mac: double click on your hard drive.
Enter requested email address and serial/registration number. This number is on the inside of the DVD-box.

4 Installation on Another Location
Another location = a different computer or a different location on the same computer.
To prevent unauthorized distribution, the course can only be played from one location at a time. Would you like the course to play on another location, it must first be deactivated.
Be sure there is an Internet connection. Go to the Help menu in the course and select Reinstall Course Elsewhere: Deactivate.
Now the serial/registration number is freed and can be reused for installation on a different location.
Note: if the course has been installed on the hard drive there is no need to remove it. Later on it might be reactivated at the same location without copying the content again.

5 Remarks
Windows. The system may report: “Publisher unknown “.
Just continue.
Firewall. If necessary allow the application to connect to the Internet.

6 Deactivate
You may also deactivate the course from here. After deactivation you can install the course elsewhere.

  • Enter serial/registration number. Number is not case sensitive.
    For example: ABCD1234-AB12
  • Press Deactivate button.